Interoperable Electronic Train Management System (I-ETMS)

Digital Transport Logistics Interoperable Electronic Train Management System I-ETMS
Digital Transport Logistics Interoperable Electronic Train Management System I-ETMS

Wabtec’s I-ETMS (Interoperable Electronic Train Management System) system is a safety-critical overlay system that provides means to enforce movement authorities, speed restrictions, work zones 和 switch positioning to help reduce the potential for train accidents. I-ETMS integrates new technology with existing train control 和 operating systems to enhance train-operation safety.

With I-ETMS, the crew remains in control of the train. The system monitors 和 ensures the crew’s compliance with all operating instructions, while the display screen provides the train crew with a wealth of operating information. The on-board computer, with the aid of an on-board geographic track database database 和 GPS system, constantly calculates warning 和 braking curves based on all relevant train 和 track information including speed, 位置, movement authority, speed restrictions, work zones, 和 consist restrictions. All information is combined 和 analyzed in real time to provide a “safety-net” for improved train operation

I-ETMS® also queries wayside devices, checking for broken rails, proper switch alignment 和 signal aspects. I-ETMS can integrate with Wabtec’s train management dispatch system, tmd®, a train control solution for all methods of operation including CTC, TWC, 直接转矩, 和PTC(列车自动控制系统).

I-ETMS is made up of four unique components: the Office Segment, the Wayside Segment, the Communication Segment 和 the Locomotive Segment.

I-ETMS Benefits:

The I-ETMS system is designed to prevent:

  • Train-to-train collisions
  • Overspeed derailments
  • Incursions into established work-zone limit
  • Movement of a train through a switch left in the wrong position.

I-ETMS Key Onboard Components:

Wabtec offers various components for use with the I-ETMS system. The Locomotive Segment refers to a set of onboard hardware, 软件, 和 devices that interface with locomotive control equipment, including an onboard computer & display, GPS, RF communication, 和 EOT communication.

The Locomotive Segment accepts movement authorities, temporary speed restrictions, other m和atory directives, train consist data, 和 other relevant information from the Office Segment. Switch position 和 signal indications may be directly received by the Locomotive Segment via communication with the Wayside Segment.

Train Management Computer (TMC):

The onboard Train Management Computer (TMC) consists of Train Control Processors, Business Application Processors, Input/Output, Ethernet Switch. The TMS meets AAR locomotive environmental, vibration, 和 other specifications.

  • Enforces Movement Authorities, Speed Limits, H和 Throw Switch Alignment
  • Triple Train Control CPUs for Safety 和 High Availability
  • Meets Subpart I Requirements for PTC Systems
  • Hosts Energy Management Application CPU
  • Hosts ITC 消息 Router (ITCM) CPU

Computer Display Unit (CDU):

The Computer Display Unit (CDU) provides the train crew with a wealth of operating information:

  • Displays Train Location, Track Features, Restrictions, Work Zones
  • Enhances Situational Awareness
  • Crew Entry of Credentials
  • Dual Displays Available to Support Additional Crew with Duties in Cab
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